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xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode. For security reasons, please leave caps lock on while browsing Xkcd vim XKCD's StackSort Implemented In A Vim Rege . This in itself is an EXTREMELY powerful concept, because it lets you apply arbitrary external shell commands against a backreference (which can be matched from any Vim regex you can think of): %s/\ ( .* \)/ \=system ('echo -n '.submatch (1).' | wc -c | head -c -1') / vi is not vim! Vim was written in 1991, long after more sophisticated shells were created that made it possible to copy and paste text from one part of the screen to another. This ability greatly reduced the risks of using cat to pass your source code directly to the compiler, so it was no longer a praise-worthy stunt The editors from 1995 to 2015 are software text editors, and the editor (s) from 2020 onward are genomic editing techniques that edit DNA . Text editors are popular among programmers and computer scientists to edit machine-readable text, as well as other digital files. Two of the earlier editors, Vim and Emacs, traditionally use the keyboard. vim same as vi. wget [url] shows the content of the specified url. The wget command on unix will download the content and not show it. who replies Doctor Who?. Another Doctor Who reference. whoami replies You are Richard Stallman.. The whoami command lists the name of the current user. write [nick] same as irc. xkcd replies Yes?

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  1. One of the newer versions of vi, vim, allows to do some very extensive programmable text manipulation, getting closer to Emacs in this respect; and vim can be set up to mess up the Tab characters just like Emacs. 21:58, 31 January 2014 (UTC) vi is the hell, my keyboard doesn't have a META key... Maybe it's ALT, or ALT+CTRL,..
  2. xkcd.com is best viewed with Netscape Navigator 4.0 or below on a Pentium 3±1 emulated in Javascript on an Apple IIGS. at a screen resolution of 1024x1. Please enable your ad blockers, disable high-heat drying, and remove your device. from Airplane Mode and set it to Boat Mode
  3. The above command can be used as a Vim Ex command (type escape then colon and paste the command). This was tested on Ubuntu 14.04. It requires that python and curl be installed. This was tested to work with curl 7.35.0, Python 2.7.6, VIM - Vi IMproved 7.4, json.__version__ = '2.0.9', GNU bash, version 4.3.11

  1. Open up your .bashrc file inside your home folder and add the following. # Command line alias to start the browser-sync server alias serve=browser-sync start --server --files . In my case, I went one step further in order to access the server inside my private network and test the webpage on several devices
  2. In case you haven't seen it, the xkcd comic for today plays on the weird configurations we programmers apply to our personal computers. The mouseover text reads: If used with software that could keep up, a scroll wheel mapped to send a stream of 'undo' and 'redo' events could be kind of cool.. Well, as it turns out, Vim can keep up.
  3. r/xkcd: /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other
  4. Elon Musk finally blocked me from the internal Tesla repository because I wouldn't stop sending pull requests for my code supporting steering via vim keybindings
  5. e these comics for their deeper meaning (deeper even than just the tooltip text Randall leaves behind) and learn from them how to make better software
  6. Since vim is so important, I decided to learn it and wow I am impressed. Not sure if I will switch to emacs later again or use both, but for now I want to get better at vim. I didn't even use email, org-mode (as a student no need for it yet) and other stuff. The only thing I miss is learning a valuable language (lisp) while hacking emacs

guest@xkcd:/$ whoami You are Richard Stallman. Also, a rather weird command execution: guest@xkcd:/$ kill. Terminator deployed to 1984. But, guest@xkcd:/$ kill 1. Unrecognized command. Type help for assistance. Command parser definitely needs some work. guest@xkcd:/$ sudo -i. sudo: -i: command not found. Also I demand, while, for, if and which I've been a staunch Vim user for a long time now, and recently switched over to Emacs. Time to fight the other side of the war! I've got years worth of muscle memory tied up to Vim Key Bindings, so it's unlikely that I'd have considered this change if it weren't for evil-mode. Before we start, an obligatory xkcd comic python-xkcd-doc <-> vim-autopep8. Version of python-xkcd-doc: 2.4.2-3. Architecture of python-xkcd-doc: all. Version of vim-autopep8: 1.2.0-2. Architecture of vim-autopep8: al xkcd #1446 - A viewer for xkcd 1446 made by Mark Karpeles. #1806 Borrow Your Laptop. Vim implementation - Maps the scroll wheel to undo/redo in Vim, implementing the mouseover text. Scroll Through Time - An Atom package to scroll through undo/redo history. #1871 Bun Aler It somewhat resembles my first experience with vim. - qazwsx Jun 8 '12 at 1:40. 6 @Problemania -- How to learn VI: Place left hand in door jamb then slam door, repeat for right hand. Now all your fingers are in the correct position! - James Anderson Jun 8 '12 at 5:18

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  1. Jan 18, 2021 XKCD's Simple Writer in vim ; Jan 14, 2021 Gratitude ; Jan 2, 2021 Hello, my name is Joe! Dec 26, 2020 Mouse Sniper ; Dec 19, 2020 Book Update ; Nov 17, 2020 Gratitude! Nov 5, 2020 Gratitude! Oct 31, 2020 Yesterday my older brother died ; Oct 16, 2020 Famous people with disabilities (according to Wikipedia) Oct 9, 2020 Gratitud
  2. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Jump to: navigation, search. So Randall is saying that in 2005 Vim as the most popular editor, and no Emacs user bat an eye? I came here to see why, highly disappointed 00:18, 5 January 2020 (UTC) https.
  3. android XKCD + BeyondPod was published on March 04, 2012 Steven Occhipinti. Read More. Search and replace, vim and git. Search and replace, vim and git Continue reading. Using netrw instead of NERDTree for Vim Published on December 28, 2016. Different author email addresses per git repositor
  4. XKCD's StackSort Implemented in a Vim Regex (robertelder.org) 116 points by robertelder on Mar 18, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments lucio on Mar 18, 201
  5. Vim as a design tool: I have always wanted to start using Vim, because my peers in University sing its praise quite often (while I sit in the corner using emacs). Vim is a text editor with commands. Apparently using a mouse is bad for productivity, so all techies use commands/keyboard shortcuts and do their thing. So I got myself Vim for Windows
  6. There's an XKCD for that. Tags: comic. Written on May 22, 2017 « Therapists Are Using Dungeons & Dragons To Get Kids To Open Up Stack Overflow: Helping One Million Developers Exit Vim » There's an XKCD for that. Dan's Pile. Some stuff I've found. Blog About Archives. Relevant XKCD Search. Follow . There's an XKCD for that. Tags: comic
  7. Tag Archives: xkcd. October 14, 2009 Ohm's Law. On a personal note, I am a huge fan of the webcomic XKCD. cms open source pagerank php physics python salvage scribefire shopping sitepoint social media software suse tmux tutorial ubuntu vim widgets xkcd. Archives

My XKCD bookmarks, mostly tagged. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub Sign in Sign up Sign in Sign up {{ message }} Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. is-already-taken / xkcd-bookmarks.json. Last active Jul 24, 2019. Star 0 Fork Bug free. Dolorem adipiscing definiebas ut nec. Dolore consectetuer eu vim, elit molestie ei has, petentium imperdiet in pri mel virtute nam. Read mor Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time A little VIM hacking. The strange man reading a novel in the meeting room Appreciation of xkcd comics vs. technical ability. VP trees: A data structure for finding stuff fast Let's say you have millions of pictures of faces tagged with names. Given a new photo,. Script de Bash para descargar un comic aleatorio de @ y mostrarlo en tu terminal, junto con el texto alt que acompaña la imagen. https://victorhckinthefreew..

XKCD. Snopes. ICCF Holand. Vim. No M$-Word. GNU/Linux (ZHANG Zaikun) Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. PDFO: cross-platform interfaces for late Professor M. J. D. Powell's derivative-free optimization solvers (v1.0 released Abusing SUDO for fun and profit! The SUDO (Substitute User and Do) command allows users to delegate privileges resources: users can execute specific commands under other users (also root) using their own passwords instead of user's one or without password depending upon setting in /etc/sudoers file. For more information about sudoers configuration, please refers to [ It looks like the Black Python code formatter intentionally does not allow you to configure whether to use 2 or 4 spaces, which makes me wonder why, I can't imagine this change requiring anything other than a minimal change to the code, the lack of the explanation to why they are not and won't support it makes me think that it is not a matter of religiously sticking to a subset of PEP8 (which.

WordPress.vim gets WordPress Hooks Integration. WordPress.vim has been missing a very important feature so far, WordPress hooks integration. That's like eating a Chicken Biryani minus the Chicken! It's delicious but not quite the real thing. That's no more the case! The 0.1.7 release adds some very cool new features to support WordPress. Even better: guest@xkcd:/$ whoami You are Richard Stallman.Also, a rather weird command execution:guest@xkcd:/$ killTerminator deployed to 1984But,guest@xkcd:/$ kill 1Unrecognized command. Type help for assistance.Command parser definitely needs some workguest@xkcd:/$ sudo -isudo: -i: command no.. None of you guys suggesting Emacs, Vim, Geany or other text editor have clearly not worked with enterprise level XML data... To get a touch with reality please take some averagely complex OpenDocument (Open/Libre Office .odt file, preferably with some tables and images) and try to edit that with your Emacs or Vim In this example, we're doing two things: first, we inject a /.css directory onto the server, which we serve from a local directory, and second we apply a style sheet to all the URLs that contain comics on xkcd.com. xkcd.com is, fortunately, serving proper xhtml, although it does so with the text/html mime type, which is why we use xslt_types to add text/html to the mime types to filter Never miss another xkcd. Maj 8, 2014. Lately I've been forgetting to check xkcd thereby not being in on the loop at my office. Therefore: Desktop, Vim, and Mathematica ©2002-2021 PER MØLDRUP-DALUM.

In the mean time: that XKCD cartoon is addressed to me, to all of us who support marriage as a civil liberty essential to the orderly pursuit of happiness: the doors are opening, and love is coming in > Vim avoids the use of the mouse, because it's too slow; Vim even avoids using the arrow keys because it requires too much movement. I'm sorry, it isn't my intent to start an editor war. Use whatever you want, I don't care. Just don't lie about it. I expect far more from MIT than this nonsense

Vim's documentation and on-line help are fairly good. Emacs has quite good on-line documentation, but I don't think it's as comprehensive as vim's. Vim inherits vi's quirky modal user interface, but has the ability to behave a lot like a modless editor now, as you can navigate in insert mode Dokumentační komunita LibreOffice oznamuje dostupnost průvodce Calc Guide 7.1 obsahující vylepšení v LibreOffice Calc 7.1, který byl vydán v únoru tohoto roku. Průvodce je dobrovolným dílem mnoha členů dokumentační komunity. Revize a vylepšení obsahu jsou dílem Rafaela Limy z brazilské komunity, Martina Van Zijla a Keese Krieka z nizozemské komunity a Celie Palacios z. User commands can be given the -complete=shellcmd option. This turns out to be quite disappointing, since instead of working in the same way as vim's built-in completion for its :! command, it jus

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Straight up vi, no vim, hate vim. Emacs for heavy slogging, hours at a time, vim for quick, one-shot, things. With decent customisation, emacs is bright enough to help you code, while vim basically just does what it's told. From the UNIX/Linux command line it's strictly vi or vim for all editing (hence my vote) GitHub Gist: star and fork fkloft's gists by creating an account on GitHub xkcd-font - The xkcd font #opensource. We have collection of more than 1 Million open source products ranging from Enterprise product to small libraries in all platforms

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Two Into War Naomi Wallace. a slightly higher fee. Same as usual, no copy-paste, no hackwork, no tricks. Meticulous writing and champion time-management are the two perks that help beat the clock. +1 (888)302-2434 +1 (888)650-9161. Service Rating GitHub awarded a badge to 12,000 contributors who contributed to repositories used in the Ingenuity Helicopter Mission. I started contributing to open-source projects in the Christmas period of 2019. From adding GCC support in a garbage collector to enhancing the CPU detection logic of OpenCV used to determine the number of cores in a system, I have had the opportunity to work on a wide array. As you may have realized from my last post I'm a big fan of the XKCD comic, which is a fascinating mixture of the absurd sense of humour, science and brilliant (even!) reflections on reality we are trapped in.And it is full of velociraptors:).If you share my interest in this kind of entertainment, you will understand why I just have to watch every new strip as soon as it gets published Xkcd-Downloader - Download all xkcd strips #opensource. We have collection of more than 1 Million open source products ranging from Enterprise product to small libraries in all platforms

Xkcd Comic On Twitter Ufo Https T Co Lh8izoavoh Https T Co. Xkcd Fourier. 1253 Exoplanet Names Explain Xkcd. Phd Comics North Pole Facts. Emacs continues to grow by leaps and bounds; and, while vi was getting kind of hoary, Vim has rejuvenated it and if anything it's growing (feature-wise at least) faster than Emacs. But when it comes down to it, it's what you work best with that matters. If you're most productive in Eclipse, more power to you The sudoers file located at: /etc/sudoers, contains the rules that users must follow when using the sudo command.. If you have ever used used Ubuntu, you know that the root account is disabled. This is because the root password is not set in Ubuntu, you can assign one and use it as with every other Linux distribution To indent an item in a list in LaTeX, we will use the following two commands: \setlength\itemindent{size} And we will use it like such: \begin{enumerate} \item This item is not indented {\setlength\itemindent{25pt} \item This item is indented} \item This item is not indented {\setlength\itemindent{25pt} \item This item is indented} {\setlength\itemindent{25pt} \item This item is indented.

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Filed under: mecel populus — Tags: mecel populus, refactoring, remakes, vim, xkcd — balp @ 11:12 am Beat Populus - xkcd coming on us? Rename, remake, move, almsot all code in the populus project source code three have now been rename, moved or cleaned up Search +d3py -Python syntax and semantics +Web application framework -Matplotlib -Vim -Xkcd Pages related to: d3py; Web application framework; but not related to: Python syntax and semantics; Matplotlib; Vim; Xkcd; Positive matches. 0.170 +-Python/Modules; 0.028 +-D3.js; 0.004 +-Python in Science; 0.004 +-Pipenv; 0.004 +-CPython; 0.004. NAME xkcd - xkcd in your console USAGE xkcd [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION Command-line interface to xkcd. View, download and enjoy xkcd comics straight from your shell. OPTIONS -c, --comic comic number -l, --latest show the latest xkcd comic -r, --random operate on a random xkcd comic -a. An anonymous reader writes Neovim is a major overhaul of the vim editor to provide better scripting, cleaner support for plugins and integration with modern graphical interfaces. Modernising the large and complex codebase of Vim is a formidable task, but the developer has a clear plan, and has alre..

Use Vim Inside A Unix Pipe Like Sed Or AWK. Published 2016-04-05. Why 'sudo vim' Could Hurt Your Productivity. Published 2016-08-30. Can You Use 'ed' As A Drop-in Replacement For vim, grep & sed? Published 2020-10-15. XKCD's StackSort Implemented In A Vim Regex. Published 2016-03-17. Page With Dvorak, you still have alternating hands because the vowels are on the left hand. Colemak claims to be slightly more efficient than Dvorak. But it depends on what text source (aka corpus) is used for analysis, and on how you score rolling fingers motion for frequently occurring 2-letter bigram vs alternating hands Little Dragon's Adventures and Other Treasures. May 16 at 3:20 PM ·. Been working on a new series. It doesn't have a title yet, but it's based off of my sisters experience with hodgkins lymphoma. I'll update as I progress. Been working on a new series Editor Wars: The Revenge Of Vim. Rarely on these pages have I read such a fluff piece! Al Williams' coverage of Emacs versus Vim was an affront to the type of in-depth coverage our Hackaday. #xkcd-film SlashNET Chat Room - 7 users - 75 minutes ago - current topic: Cinema, cinema history, reviews of cinema, filmmaking. Most any genre besides shitty. 70s Shaw Bros. kung-fu flicks, depressing three-hour foreign arthouse dramas, kaiju pictures, silent classics, Italian neorealism, low-budget monochrome science-fiction mindfucks, Cinema Verite, etc., etc

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At GitHub, we're building the text editor we've always wanted: hackable to the core, but approachable on the first day without ever touching a config file. We can't wait to see what you build with it Little Dragon's Adventures and Other Treasures. 57 likes · 1 talking about this. A place for Little Dragons's fans and friends to gather and gree

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Git.vim is a more comprehensive plugin that allows the user to perform a lot more Git operations from within the Vim environment. The github home page for this plugin has a list of all the functionalities available through this plugin. The name of the function called to set the status line is GitBranch (). So the lines added to .vimrc will be xkcd released a really original version of his site: unixkcd. It features a linux-like shell which you can use to navigate the comigs or go to other parts of the site. Some of the commands are not displayed and we have to figure out ourselves. emacs => You should really use vim Time to optimize/How often 50/day 5/day daily weekly monthly; 1 sec: 48 min: 12 min: 3 min: 24 sec: 6 sec: 5 sec: 4 hours: 1 hour: 15 min: 2 min: 30 sec: 30 sec: 3 days: 6 hour credit to: XKCD. Sudo is a Linux After opening and editing a file as a user in vim, using this sudo command in vim saves the file as the root user without losing our changes, [bob@host ~]# vim /etc/file.conf :w !sudo tee % Run the 251st command in our history file as root

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How I ran OkCupid with a text editor: aka Vim-shell. 23 Aug 2018. Written by unix-ninj xkcd learning curve. share; 7 Little Johnstons Ages, Wyoming Section 8 Waiting List, Flashing Dot On Samsung S20, Owlet Vs Nanit, Macbeth Annotated Pdf, Reindeer Animal Crossing, The Hollow Real Life, Fifine Studio Condenser Usb Microphone Reddit, Wedding Emoji Copy And Paste, North Face Recon, How Much Does It Cost To Replace Glasses Frames. Using the iPad Pro as my development machine January 7, 2019. I bought an 11 iPad Pro to use it as my main development machine. Let me say it's an attempt.. I'm a huge fan of Bret Victor and try to immerse myself with his ideas, papers, and videos. One of the things he talks about is how we should look into new mediums to unleash our creativity, to create things that were not. The xkcdpass command invokes the Python program xkcd_password.py. The inspiration for the program's purpose is the XKCD 936_ Password Strength cartoon. The application is maintained by Steven Tobin <<steven@steventob.in>>

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GDV supports the exploration and analysis of NCBI-annotated and selected non-NCBI annotated eukaryotic genome assemblies. Currently, over 1240 assemblies are available. To view more organisms in the tree, click on nodes that have '+' signs. Press and hold the '+' to expand and reveal all the. Vim Buffers Cheatsheet 26 Apr 2012 . A small Vim Buffers cheatsheet::bu <tab> - select a buffer :buN - select buffer N :ls - list buffers :sb tab - split screen on another buffer :sbN - split screen on buffer N :only - make this the only buffer (ie maximise) ^w^o - make this the only buffer (ie maximise) :ball - split screen on all buffers :hide - hide this buffer :bdel - remove buffer from lis This thread reminds of this , Real programmers use vim. http://xkcd.com/378 You really need to think that an IDE is just an Editor + Compiler + (some sort of) Makefile + Debugger (sometimes) + Graphical UI Builder (sometimes) so of course you can choose not to use an IDE at all, and you replace them with an Editor of your choice (vim, emacs, gedit, notepad++, [insert_others_here]), an compiler (jdk for java, gcc, platform SDK or [insert_Cpp_toolchain_here] for C++. Robert's TA Materials for CS 537 Contact Info. Email: robert@increscent.org Canvas profile Feedback welcome Author: Sylvain Benner. Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:55. Validat

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