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10,000+ users. Overview. Set cryptocurrency price alerts with notifications, alert sounds and advanced controls. Set price alerts for all crypto-currencies listed on binance with alert sound and browser notifications, no more 20 open tabs in your browser to track prices. [This is an Un-Official Binance extension, it's not associated with Binance in. In this tutorial you can learn how to set up a price alert for any coin pair available on Binance.This is my first recording with voice so i was a little s.. Scanners & Alerts Must Have BTC Alerts for Trading Binance Volume Monitor Indicators The Rocky Style - What Indicator to Use Super TSI Indicator DPC - Dynamic Price Channels Indicator SMAGain Indicator MTPC Indicator Weekly OHLC Indicator Rate of Change Indicator 10/5 Daily Weekly EM Crypto screener / indicator alerts app for traders. Collectively filter 500+ Binance cryptocurrency pairs by technical indicators & add alerts on different time frames: 15 minute, 1 hour, 4 hour, 1 day, and 1 week. Available on iOS, Android and web (beta). Read our launch blog post on Medium or follow us on Twitter for updates

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This video is a practical tutorial on how to use some Technical Indicators inside the Binance chart.Kindly watch, enjoy and subscribe to my channel: https://.. Sort by. level 1. IFeelNothingness. 1 month ago. Unfortunately its been a problem for a while with no solution forthcoming from Binance. I use 'Coin Stats' (dont know if theres an android app too but Id be surprised if there wasn't) to get my alerts. Its pretty pricey at £4.99/month for just alerts exchange-inmail-description. Fiat Gateway Application. P2P Merchant Applicatio

By sorting through quick timeframes for trading indicators such as RSI, MACD, Price & Volume you can get a real birds-eye view of the market quickly versus spending hours charting. A good cryptocurrency scanner tool will also provide you with an alerting system that can trigger a notification to your Desktop or Mobile device once a certain indicator has hit your target trade zones alerts = require ('trading-indicator'). alerts await alerts. goldenCross (50, 200, 'binance', 'BTC/USDT', '1h', false) await alerts. deathCross (50, 200, 'binance', 'BTC/USDT', '1h', false) // check both golden/death cross await alerts. maCross (50, 200, 'binance', 'BTC/USDT', '1h', false) // response { goldenCross: false, deathCross: false Everyone has different ideas of which MA/ EMA settings to use and they're all kinda highlighting the same areas whether it's 10/20, 12/26, 9/21, etc., but it stands to reason that these ones are well respected areas given that the majority of action is on Binance (for now) and it's particularly apparent on 4h charts BINANCE Trading Alerts — TradrPro™ . The Tradr Pro™ Alerts System. Trade crypto like a pro with the most profitable market signals. Unbeatable value for money and loaded with the full range of our easy-to-use technical alerts. Get the edge in the cryptocurrency markets and join thousands of happy traders who are already relying on our premium.

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  1. Download the Binance Trading bot. Head over to the Binance Trading bot Repository on GitHub and download the source code to get started. Naturally you will need a Binance API key and secret, so if you don't have a Binance account or you prefer using a dedicated account for this bot, you can use my referral link to reduce your commission fees.
  2. All of our alerts come with detailed information such as the 24Hr volume, current candle volume, exchange, price, price percentage difference, and rsi. Some alerts will contain more that are relevant to the indicator as well as a screenshot of the chart
  3. Easily connect your account with telegram to receive alert notifications to any supported device on smartphones, tablets and computers. Set custom crypto alerts in our clean & easy to use Crypto Dashboard. SIGN UP NOW! RSI Scanner - Binance [1d] NEO/BTC is now oversold! RSI Value: 29.47
  4. Unofficial extension to set price alerts on Binance The extension fetches price data every 10 seconds using their API - https://api.binance.com//api/v1/ticker/allPrices Code for the extension is at https://github.com/ganeshkamathp/Binance-Alerts-Extension This extension was solely written to track the price and not to trade
  5. Crypto Scanner. The 100eyes Crypto Scanner fully automatically sends alerts for your favourite cryptocurrencies based on technical analysis. The scanner supports all Binance pairs and can also be used while trading on other exchanges. Choose your own indicators, timeframes, and pairs! Start Your Trial Now

Send an alert to Alertatron. This works in the same way as for 3Commas, but Alertatron using a different format for its messages. For example... message: > binanceKeys ( { {quote}}_ { {base}}) { market (side=buy, amount=50%); stopOrder (side=sell, amount=100%p, offset=2%); limit (side=sell, amount=100%p, offset=3%); AltAlgo Indicator is our proprietary technical analysis tool which we use to generate AltSignals. Our Indicator Script runs on Tradingview.com It employs the power of machines to scan the Cryptocurrency and Forex markets and alerts you when a price action is about to happen Binance App Alerts: In brief, Binance is one of the most innovative cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. How to register? Step 1: Go to the Binance registration page. First click the link to go to Binance's registration page. Step 2: Fill out the form by entering your email and password

ProfitView is an easy to use app that provides users with all the tools necessary for advanced trading automation like intelligent order placement, position and balance tracking, notifications and more - on a multitude of supported exchanges. Triggered either internally or by setting fully customizable alerts on TradingView and utilizing ANY of the numerous available technical indicators or. Use the Binance.US Trade Tracker to record total gains or losses, details on the strategy and how it was executed, and reflections on how the strategy might be improved. Follow along as we add to our Binance.US Education 101 Series: Your Guide to Crypto Literacy. #1 Demystifying Digital Dollars. #2 Evolution of the Internet

Our support team is available 24/7. Binance Blog. News and updates from the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange. Community. Binance is global. Join the discussion in our worldwide communities. Careers. Help build the future of technology. Start your new career at Binance As a general user, we can use the indicator and get alerts but won't be able to view the indicator source. Hence the search for a way to pull the alerts programmatically. Ideally, the alerts would trigger a set of signal validation (using codes sample from your script) to confirm the buy and then enter the market Also, the UCTS indicator has 2 types of Buy alerts: 1. Buy Alert or BOT after candle close — Buy Alert The only difference between this 2 is that the second will wait for the candle to close before sending an alert to the alerts log for the bot to execute. Make sure to understand this difference prior configuring your alerts Start your Journey Today. an ideal place to buy and sell assets. High Performance, Easy To Use. Get start with Binance™ No

Example BCCUSDT Chart This Alert indicator keep traders motivated on specific reversals or the start of a new trend. This is especially useful when monitoring more than one instruments and/or more than one time frame for a given market. Instead of continuously watching the chart(s), send alerts to your email or sms your phone. Utilize these Alerts in synchronicity with our Dynamic Candlesticks. Automate trading from TradingView alerts on Binance Futures, Bybit, FTX, FTX US and Deribit. with your trading strategy. Generate signals from TradingView (or almost anything). Automate trading at FTX, Bybit, Binance Futures, Deribit from those signals, 24/7. Forward signals to Telegram and Discord groups, with a chart attached Setup process for converting alerts from TradingView to orders on currency exchange is pretty simple. Create a new alert on TradingView, and everything you need is set Webhook URL and put your command on the Message field. Other settings is up to you

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The Excel trading bot works for TradingView alerts that you can generate using the UCTS indicator. If you don't know how to generate alerts with the UCTS, follow the tutorial on this video: The alerts that the bot will use need to be in the following format- please notice that Once per Minute option is selected and the keyword Buy is on the message box Cryptolume was designed to think as a trader plugged into the Matrix. We connect out to all the major exchanges and compute complex algorithms to provide you with easier-to-use market information and alerts than any other cryptocurrency tool that's available today. Our crypto alerts and robust crypto scanner will show you fast and efficient. BTC-USDT Pump Monitor, Bitcoin Full order book and all trades history with buying and selling weight indicator 10. Hodloo Binance 5% + Hodloo Binance 10%. Hodloo is basically the same as QLF but it's an independent service that sends out signals when bases are broken. They offer a signal with a 5% below base and one with 10% below base. Bittrex Alerts 5% below base (telegram) Bittrex Alerts 10% below base (telegram) Binance Alerts 5% below base (telegram BTC ETH BNB USDT BinanceFutures-USDT. Configure Alerts. Update Interval. 10s 1m 3m 5m. Pairs: 0. Last update: 0 seconds ago

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The SSL Channel Chart Alert Indicator for MetaTrader 4/5. Download Popular Indicators, Systems, Strategies and EAs for MT4 & MT5. Weekly Updates and Reviews What's new in Binance 1.15.0: [New Feature] Customized Indicator Feature. [New Feature] Added futures price alerts. [New Feature] Added News function. [New Feature] Added CSAT rating feature. Read.

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Best scalping indicator mt4 & strategy . Scalping is a variant of day-trading that seeks to obtain reduced profits in operations of a very short period of time (a few minutes or even a few seconds), which makes traders who use this operation make many operations throughout of the day On this example, we have the exchanges binance + bittrex selected, and it will show us current alerts happening including the RSI and MACD specific alerts which we mentioned earlier above. There's no data to show for volume/price as these checks look for specific increases in volume/price that indicate price pumps could be happening How to set an alert: Method 1. Click Create Alert in the Alerts panel. Click the + button at the top of the Alerts panel panel. Click any price level on the y-axis of the price chart. Method 2. Right-click at any price level on the chart or volume level in the volume indicator GTC-USDT Pump Monitor, Gitcoin Full order book and all trades history with buying and selling weight indicator Divergence Alerts. Automated alerts for divergences are available in the 100eyes scanner. If you are looking for a divergence indicator for crypto you can use the 100eyes Crypto Scanner, and if you are looking for a divergence scanner for Forex currency pairs or commodities (such as Gold and Silver) you can use the 100eyes Forex Scanner

Binance data import to MT5. Binance is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange! In order to facilitate more accurate analysis of the encrypted digital currency market, the program can automatically import Binance's K-line data to MT5 for analysis. The main functions are: 1 We are tracking 300 coins from Binance across 8 timeframes that translates into 2400 charts and analyze RSI levels in real time (there may be a 5-7 minutes lag sometimes) You can check it here. What is RSI? Relative Strength Index. The relative strength index (RSI) is a technical indicator used in the analysis of financial markets

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Paid plans are available from $15 per month. 4. CoinTracking. CoinTracking is another of the best crypto charting tools, but it's so much more than that. In addition to charting, the app can also generate real-time reports on profit and loss, tax, portfolio value, and unrealized gains I need a simple webpage which gives alerts of Money flow index and KDJ indicator for the selected trading pairs of binance listed coins. Umiejętności: Metatrader, PHP, JavaScript, Kryptologia Zobacz więcej: need simple custom webpage, design a simple logo for namecard and letterhead my company is in the financial advisory business so i need something that is :, design a simple logo for The indicator draws three lines in a separate window. Its values vary from -1 to +1. The closer the indicator is to +1, the stronger is the ascending trend. The closer it is to -1, the stronger is the descending trend. The indicator can be also used as an oscillator for determining the overbought/oversold state of the market The Coinigy team is happy to announce that Binance.US (Exchange Code: BNUS) is now supported for full trading and balance monitoring functionality on our V2 Platform. To add an API key to Coinigy for balance tracking and trading, users will want to do the following: With a Binance.U Buy Crypto Trading Signals Now - High Quality Alerts, Consistent Trading Calls for Binance Futures, Bitmex, and Forex. Running since 2017 Join No

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  1. Get Access To Everything from Widgets, and Workspace Management to Alerts, and Custom Indicators 60+ exchanges. 60+ Exchanges & 10k+ Pairs Supported. BUY SELL. Indicators That Predict Movement. Our Advanced Indicators Can Predict Price Movement Before They Happen With Over 80% Accuracy
  2. Indicator. Requirements: MT4 | MT5. Description. Developers. KT RSI indicator with Alerts is a personal implementation of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) oscillator that provide signals and alerts on four custom events: When RSI enter in an overbought zone. When RSI exit from an overbought zone. When RSI enter in an oversold zone
  3. 2. Margin trading. You can also go short or long on cryptocurrencies on Binance with the help of margin trading. When trading on margin, you can borrow funds against your collateral, and enter larger positions. Of course, you eventually have to repay the loan if you want to get you collateral back
  4. RSI Alerts Indicator for MT4: Trading Heroes RSI × Trading bot for Binance - is a special program that connects via API to the exchange, monitors market conditions and automatically creates orders to b..

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The most Powerful Crypto trading assistant in the world. Awara is a Crypto and Notifications app. Set alerts based on anything from simple price movements to technical analysis models that you can customize for your favorite tokens across the most popular exchanges. When the market moves, you'll be the first to know. Subscribe now It is very important that you get a large enough sample size (you take many trades with the same moving average or indicator) and then you look at all trades in your trading journal and ask yourself: What do my winners have in common: market condition, price in relation to the moving average, how did price trade into the moving average, how did price break the moving average, etc Binance Coin Key Price Levels. Based on today's classical pivot point (P1) with the value of $ 631.84, Binance Coin has support levels of $ 587.63, $ 564.98, and the strongest at $ 520.78. Similarly, Binance Coin resistance levels are at $ 654.49, $ 698.69, and $ 721.34. Support Levels. # Trading bot for Binance - is a special program that connects via API to the exchange, monitors market conditions and automatically creates orders to buy or.

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  1. Bitcoin's wild price fluctuations — and by extension, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum — can be terrifying if you're new to trading cryptocurrency. Seasoned traders, however, see these price movements as opportunities to maximize their holdings and profits. With Coinbase, you can trade cryptocurrencies more efficiently
  2. Build your own plan. Pay only for what you use. Our billing works on an a la carte model, rather than traditional pricing tiers. Use exactly what you want without having to upgrade through arbitrary levels to get the features you need
  3. Trading-Tigers Trading Tools is built for amateur to expert traders to give you Maximum Control over your trades. - Fully automated receive and/or execute TradingView alerts. - Receive signals on Discord via webhook. - Management of Stop Loss Take Profit before entering a trade. - No emotional ties to the trades, thanks to the fully automated.
  4. The Parabolic Stop and Reverse, more commonly known as the Parabolic SAR, is a trend-following indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder. The Parabolic SAR is displayed as a single parabolic line (or dots) underneath the price bars in an uptrend, and above the price bars in a downtrend. The Parabolic SAR has three primary functions
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The vfxAlert software provides a full range of analytical tools online, a convenient interface for working with any broker. In one working window, we show the most necessary data in order to correctly assess the situation on the market. The vfxAlert signals include direct binary signals, online charts, trend indicator, market news Let's review the indicator names to be used in dynamic alerts. The Trade manager alerts track a Stop Loss price, a trailing-stop, an hard-exit/invalidation price, an entry price and 3 Take Profits levels for you. Ideally you may send out the SL and TPs with the alerts, so you can either auto-trade using those values, or use them in manual trading Important Notes On TradingView, you need to go Long on an asset/timeframe, you need to create 2 alerts for that asset and timeframe. Meaning, if you want to trade BTC/USDT using the 5-minutes and 15-minutes timeframes, you need to create 2 alerts (see below) on BTC/USDT 5m and 2 alerts on BTC/USDT 15m. 1. Buy Alert: to enter in a Long positio Based on pre-determined criteria, trading signals can indicate conditions when people should buy or sell assets in the market. Mostly based on technical indicators, the signals, if properly created, can lead to a significant profit generation or mitigating losses in the crypto industry. OnePunch ALGO is the best crypto trading signals plugin that any trader [

We're the first and most advanced Decentralized Finance (DeFi) dashboard that aims at supercharging your trading experience on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The main goal is to provide traders and investors with the possibility to monitor your favorite BSC pairs and create advanced trading strategies without having to search for the information in a wide range of non-standardized platforms and. We Are Supporting Binance Exchang Margin Or Future, & Alpaca Or Alpaca Demo, & Fxcm Or Fxcm Demo. Now You Can Trade With Tradingview With Fully Or Semi Automate Apply Any Indicator On Tradingview Chart And Create Alerts According To You & Add Syntax So Simpl Indicator Alerts. A feature often overlooked: indicator alerts is a helpful tool that you should consider adding as complement to price alerts. When price and indicator alerts work in tandem in building your criteria, a trader will be able to qualify trades more systematically, avoiding emotional judgment The ADX indicator is best used when day trading the market with a trend-following approach. If the reading reaches 25 or above, you could wait for pullbacks (for example to an important Fibonacci level) to enter into the direction of the underlying trend. The indicator can also be combined with oscillators to reduce the number of fake signals Installing the MTF EMA 20 Indicator For MT4. After you downloaded the indicator via the form above you need to unzip the zip-file. Then you need to copy the file Close_-_EMA_20.mq4 into the folder MQL4\Indicators of your MT4 installation. After that please restart MT4 and then you will be able to see the indicator in the list of indicators

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Best Crypto Alerts (Services) Coinwink. Coinwink is an open-source platform that will notify you through emails or SMS in case of any changes according to your preferences. So you don't need to constantly check cryptocurrency prices anymore. Create currency and percentage alerts for 1500+ coins in BTC, ETH, EUR, GBP, AUD, and CAD provide trading technical indicator value With over 82,000 alerts logged, MTF has worked hard to deliver incredible levels of profit to savvy traders. This mean reversion indicator catches falling prices and then alerts when a potential reversion is happening. Over 95% of signals hit 1.25% or higher, often in just a few hours. *Past performance does not guarantee result

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Indicator Overview The Pi Cycle Top Indicator has historically been effective in picking out the timing of market cycle highs to within 3 days. It uses the 111 day moving average (111DMA) and a newly created multiple of the 350 day moving average, the 350DMA x 2. Note: The multiple is of the price values of the 350DMA not the number of days FREE CRYPTO WAVE Trend Indicator Advantages: Large timeframe charts will give trend direction, wave is set to monthly trend. TradingView account needed: free How to gain access to this script: available free from the indicators list! If you like this free indicator, check out our ideas at: www.ceo.codes Watch our indicator.. Receive alerts for changes to rsi, inside bars, volume, and hammers on 30m, 1h, 3h, 6h, 1d and 1w time frames. Rsi Indicator How To Use It In Cryptocurrency Trading The Cryptonomist from cryptonomist.ch Rsi (relative strength index) is an indicator used in trading stocks, assets, cryptocurrencies, etc to bitfinex trading tool: The top cryptocurrency desktop apps for traders 1

BlockchainFiesta - Cyatophilum IndicatorsEddyTrading | Become financially free with our tradingMTF Stochastic - Wunderbit TradingSet up a 3Commas Bot with UCTS Indicator | by CryptoNTez

When it comes to determining the trend, as well as when to enter a trade, the KDJ is your go-to indicator. If you have used the Alligator or Stochastic Oscillator, this indicator may be a little easier to work with. Just like these two indicators, the KDJ isn't used for trading in flat markets. Seasoned traders prefer to use the KDJ We list the best free day trading alerts and explain how to use alerts to maximize trading success. Different alert services and apps are reviewed There needs to be a setting on the alerts where you have the option to Fire during Replay. Please add RVOL as a standard indicator, but I want to ask again as the community has been asking to be able to make Binance trades directly from TradingView for a very long time now Access Indicator Alerts. To zoom in on chart detail: left-click and drag. To zoom back out: double-click. Indicator Overview. This indicator is derived from Market Value and Realized Value, which can be defined as: Market Value: The current price of Bitcoin multiplied by the number of coins in circulation Binance rsi alertThe scanner is binance rsi alert fully customizable and is able to identify support and resistance zones, Fibonacci retracements, RSI divergences, and much more This is how I used an RSI Alert to profit over 9% in DOT-Up in about 3 hours.In January, I used this strategy 43 times (1 trade pending) for an average profi

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