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  3. 1 oz 2018 Cannabis Silver Roun... CA$39.81. Out of stock
  4. Although these generic silver rounds can contain numerous designs and brands, we guarantee the weight and purity of the silver present in each product - 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver. Every silver round is tested and authenticated to ensure that each product we ship is genuine. Moreover, the weight and purity of the silver in each product are verified as well. The secondary market silver rounds may show signs of wear and tear, and in some cases aging
  5. Generic Silver Rounds. APMEX guarantees you will receive only .999 fine Silver rounds. Silver rounds of any size can be an excellent way to invest in fine Silver while avoiding the premiums usually found on legal tender bullion coins. They are easily bought and sold, stored, stacked and counted. 4.9

These Generic 1/2 oz Silver Rounds are perfect for investors who want to expand their precious metals portfolio economically. They not only help you accumulate pure silver for your portfolio, but they also give you a chance to grab sought-after silver rounds at unbelievably low prices Generic Silver Rounds are considered to be one of the most cost-effective investment opportunities of silver by weight. Generic Silver Rounds are usually available in sizes between 1oz. to 10 oz., being produced by many distinct manufacturers and traded in United States, Canada and other countries over the world. These silver rounds have different designs, diameter and thickness options. Yet, all of them are .999 pure silver guaranteed by their manufacturers. Generic Silver Rounds may also.

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Each 1 oz Generic Silver Round is composed of one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. These silver rounds are 100% authentic. Why is the 1 ozGeneric SilverRound Popularand an Excellent Investment in Silver? · Produced by various mints and companies · Made from .999 fine silver with a weight of 1 troy ounc As low as $4.05 per ounce over spot! 1 oz .999 fine silver. Purchase a roll of 20 and receive the rounds in an unsearched plastic tube for safe storage. Purchase 500 rounds and receive the rounds in a mint-sealed box. As low as $32.10 1oz Generic Silver Round. Payment Method. Qty 1+. Cash. $32.55. Credit Card. $33.69. Cashier's Check. $32.55

The term generic silver refers to wholesale silver products, which means silver products that have been already used, like generic silver rounds or bars. Even though many participants of the precious metal market will advise you to purchase only products that are in flawless condition, sometimes generic products can bring large benefits to its owners The Buffalo Silver Round is a generic silver round produced at various private mints. A silver round is different from a silver coin because it is not legal tender and carries no face value. A coin is legal tender and is produced by a government mint Generic Silver 1oz. Rounds .999 Fine (mixed designs). No Tax You will receive a 1oz Round of Various designs. Colonial Acres cannot guarantee the design of round that you will receive Purchasing Generic Silver (per ounce) is one of the best options for low premium Silver. Simply order the number of ounces you would like and you will receive your metal quantity in bars and/or rounds weighing less than 1 oz up to greater than 100 oz Choose the best on Silver Rounds and Bullets at Colonial Acres Coins, the best numismatic online shop in Canada. Login 2021 Canada $5 1oz. .9999 Silver Maple Leaf (TAX Exempt) Expect Delays of 5+ Business Days Our Price: $43.24 . Generic Silver 1oz. Rounds .999 Fine (mixed designs) No Tax Expect Delays of 5+ Business Days Our Price:.

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  1. The Generic Silver Crate contains both Bars and Rounds in fine 999+ investment grade Silver. Generic Silver is a popular option because Privately Minted Bullion tends to carry less of a premium than Government Minted bullion products. The Constitutional Crate contains pre-1965 U.S. coinage that carries a Silver content of 90%
  2. Example: To order 70 coins, add a quantity of 50 coins to the cart, and then a quantity of 20 coins to the cart. Engelhard or Johnson Matthey (JM) Silver Bullion. *Bars may not be exactly as shown. **There may be some tarnish on the silver. Bars available in 1, 10, 100 troy oz. Rounds available in 1 troy oz. .999 Fine
  3. imum order limit at Gainesville Coins, and bulk orders are a breeze. We also offer the most popular legal tender silver coins, as well as silver bullion bars from 1 ounce to 100 ounces
  4. ts including Silvertowne, Republic Metals, and Sunshine Mint, among others. Each round is tested to ensure that it contains 99.9%+ fine silver and measures a full one troy ounce. Nearly every major private
  5. ations; for example, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is

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Generic Silver Bars Generic silver bars are bars that have no extra premium over their minimum mark-up. These common silver bars are the most fungible type of silver bullion. They are interchangeable with each other, with no difference in price. Generic silver bars can be made by any of a countless number of private mints 1 oz Silver Round - Buffalo: Silver Gold Bull: 4.00 (+14.27%) $32.03 7 $224.21 : Generic 1 oz Silver Rounds

Random Design- Generic 1 oz. Silver Round .999 Fine Silver You can buy 1 oz. Silver Rounds for the lowest price online from Raleigh Gold Coin Dealers. RGCD we are the cheapest place to buy silver online !These 1 oz. Generic 1 oz. Silver Rounds minted from .999 Fine Silver are our cheapest silver rounds.Random Designs chosen from our stock of silver bullion.Picture show some of the silver. Here's my view on generic silver rounds and bars. And how you can sell them at spot or close to spot.Address: Fred Gar P.O. box 30974.

Silver Rounds Here at PCE, Inc. we strive to give our clients as many options as possible to meet all of their silver needs. With a wide variety of different designs and brands, both collectors and investor will both certainly be able to find something to fit their needs The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf has a face value of 5 Canadian dollars. The Australian Silver Kangaroo has a face value of 1 Australian dollar. Silver Purity (.999 Silver vs .9999) There is a wide variety of what we call fractional silver rounds, meaning they come in common weights such as 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/2 ounce Silver Eagle Coin Generic Silver Round; Purchase Price: $19.04: $17.24: Less Spot Price - $16.35 - $16.35: Premium Over Spot: $2.69: $0.99: 500 Ounces Silver Eagle Coin Generic Silver Round; Purchase Price: $19.04: $17.24: Dealer Buy-Back Price - $18.10 - $16.25: Round Trip Cost: $0.94: $0.99: Round Trip Cost % 4.94%: 5.74 1 oz Silver Round Buffalo. We buy and sell 1 oz Silver Round Buffalo in mint condition and each round highlights its purity (.9999 Fine Silver) and weight (one Troy Ounce) on the reverse or Buffalo side of the coin. Each 1 oz coin is beautifully struck, contains frosted contrasting surfaces and carries a reeded edge as an added security feature Silver rounds look similar to coins, but they are not generally accepted as currency. However, they remain a valuable investment tool because of the universally recognized value of silver. Collectors and investors enjoy rounds because they carry a lower premium than sovereign bullion, they generally feature compelling designs, and commonly occur in collectible series

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Generic Silver Rounds and Bars Generic simply refers to the lack of a major name brand associated with these .999 fine silver rounds and bars. Because they're not a name brand, they carry a lower premium than their name brand counterparts, so you're getting the same amount of pure silver for less money Hochqualitative Batterie für Ihr Generic Generic. Hochqualitative Batterie für Ihr Generic Generic. Kostenloser Versand 4 generic peace dollars and 1 eagles. Good over spot deal. Can't believe someone lucked out and got zombucks. Think it might worth paying little more and getting some cool design onsale. Such as Aztec Calendar Silver Round or Spartan Warriors Silver Round or Provident dragons rounds. Might sell better on ebay down the road Buy Silver Bullion Rounds (.999+ Fine, New) from Silver.com - the bullion market leader. Fast & secure shipping. Call us at 888-989-7223

(4) Roll Canadian silver dollar (20 / roll): $360/ea. (6) 1oz .999 silver rounds, Lincoln Silver Mint, 1974: $30/ea. Would like to keep orders at $200 or above. Payments: Zelle, Venmo, PPFF. Shipping: $4.50 first class, $8.50 SFRB, US only. Would like to avoid splitting Canada rolls unless you're buying more than one. Thank you Buy silver bullion, coins, bars and rounds through our secure ordering system today! We offer silver from all around the world at the best prices. Begin investing in sound money today! Place an order online or give us a call at 800-882-8496. Now accepting Bitcoins At times of silver bullion shortages, silver round premiums have and can escalate well above the silver spot price (e.g. silver bullion shortage which occurred during the 2008 Financial Crisis). Typically the selling price of silver rounds or the ask price of a silver round (what a silver dealer is selling the silver round at) hovers a few percentage points above the live spot price of silver

Buy Silver Round 1 oz Medallion Coin Tubes - CoinSafe 39mm - Coin & Bar Tubes at BGASC. Low Prices, In Stock, Fast Shipping. Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at BGASC.com. Protect your silver and copper rounds in the 1 oz Medallion Coin Tube by CoinSafe. These heavy-duty, stackable medallion tubes hold up to 20 one ounce silver or copper 39mm rounds for efficient and secure storage Contact Us info@europabullion.com +49 157 369 578 47 +44 791 734 7738 Call us Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM (CET) or text us on WhatsApp during business hours Follow us Buy Coin Tubes (Empty) at BGASC. Low Prices, In Stock, Fast Shipping. Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at BGASC.com. Empty tubes for storing, stacking, and protecting your coins, bullion rounds and bars but where there is money trading hands, there will always be fakes, frauds, and counterfeits. If you have purchased some silver and can't get rid of that little voice in your head that keeps saying what if they are fake silver coins . Below are 14 ways on how to spot fake silver eagles, bars, and bullion Selling silver bars since 1973, CMIGS is the nation's leader in selling silver bars for investment purposes. 100-oz, 10-oz, and unique Canadian RCM silver bars. Generic silver bars also

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Buy Silver Rounds online at JM Bullion. FREE Shipping on $199+ Orders. Immediate Delivery - Call Us 800-276-6508 Buffalo silver rounds are some of the most popular silver investment items being sold today. Their design is based on the Indian Head nickel, also known as the Buffalo nickel, which was minted between 1913 and 1938. Buffalo silver rounds are not produced by the US Mint, but rather by private mints. They have no official connection with either the Indian Head nickel or the American gold buffalo. Silver bars come in a variety of sizes including 1000+ ounce bars, down to fractional gram silver bars. Bars are also referred to as silver ingots as well. If you are not sure which typ of silver is right for you, Click Here to watch our video where we explain some of the pros and cons to different types of silver 1 oz Silver Rounds. Unsurprisingly, in the world of silver collecting, bullion bars tend to be more sought after than their round counterparts. However, the quality and collect-ability of 1 oz silver rounds compared to silver bullion bars is exactly the same This collection of 1 Troy Oz .999 Fine Silver Rounds are available in a variety of designs, ensuring you find something you will appreciate. These silver rounds are all IRA Approved/ Certified, and make a great purchase as an investment for your future

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This category features some of the cheapest silver bullion products we have for sale. Because we buy and sell silver on a daily basis, we come accross deals on discount silver that we pass onto the customer. These products might include silver rounds, bars, old silver coins, and other items We have a great selection of pure .999 fine Silver Bullion Products. We offer Silver Rounds, Silver Ingots, Silver Bars at very low mark up's over spot silver. Buy your Silver Bullion 24 hours a day with peace of mind that you will get best quality silver from us Round Highlights: Contains 5 oz .999 fine Silver. Multiples of 20 are packaged in custom made tubes. Individual rounds come in protective plastic. The design of these rounds is based on the original coin issued by the U.S. Mint and carry no actual face value. Obverse: Depicts a Native American with the motto LIBERTY on top right Silver bars are almost exclusively produced by private mints, although both the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint produce a limited selection. One of the reasons that silver bars cost less per ounce than coins or rounds is due to the lower fabrication costs of producing a bar

1 oz Generic Silver Rounds .999 Fine $ 28.94. Add to cart. $ 31.03. Add to cart. 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf $ 30.28. Add to cart. 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin $ 30.93. Add to cart. 90% Silver Quarter or Dimes - $100 Face Value Bag $ 2,042.86. Add to cart. 100 OZ SILVER BAR (.999 Pure Miscellaneous Mint Our Choice) $ 2,871.00. Add. Silver rounds and silver bars are popular items with many investors -- but are these silver bullion products really the best buy out there? Are they better than buying silver coins? Before you buy silver bars and rounds, you should know about these pros and cons of buying silver rounds and bars. I'll help you determine the best choice when you buy silver products Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Engelhard 1982 Prospector Silver Round .999 1 Ounce at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Silver Rounds US Mint Silver Eagles 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf - 9999 - Any Year As low as $2,038.03-+ ADD TO CART. IN 1oz Generic Silver Round As low as $35.30-+ ADD TO CART. PRE-SALE. American Eagles (available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) Canadian Maples (available in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium) South African Krugerrands (available in gold) Austrian Philharmonic (available in gold, silver, and platinum) In contrast to rounds, coins must have the following attributes: Purity no less than 900/100

For instance, a 1/10-ounce silver coin would normally have a much higher per-ounce premium than a 100-ounce silver bar—this is because the 1/10-ounce silver rounds are more liquid. Another factor affecting liquidity and thus premiums is the familiarity of the coin: Silver Eagles, for instance, carry a higher premium than most random generic silver rounds Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - Silver bullion coin of Canada, from 1988 - present. Chinese Silver Panda - Silver bullion coin of the China, from 1983 - present. Coin Grading Service - Organization that grades numismatic coins. and are more recognizable than generic silver rounds from private mints Silver coins are possibly the oldest mass-produced form of coinage. Silver has been used as a coinage metal since the times of the Greeks; their silver drachmas were popular trade coins. The ancient Persians used silver coins between 612-330 BC. Before 1797, British pennies were made of silver. As with all collectible coins, many factors determine the value of a silver coin, such as its rarity. Bison Bullion is a small foundry specializing in premium hand poured silver. Check out our available products or contact us for custom weights and stamping. Check out these one-of-a-kind first edition individually stamped serial products

Brilliant, Uncirculated Condition (BU) silver coins provide a high level of confidence and security for the first-time silver buyer and will likely command a higher premium when selling than more generic silver rounds. The most popular silver coins include American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, at 99.99% purity The 1 ounce Silver Maple Leaf coin has a silver purity of 99.99% and is the flagship silver bullion coin of the Royal Canadian Mint. The reverse face displays a stylised design of a Maple Leaf. Silver Maple Leafs are a highly liquid investment and are BullionStar's most popular silver coin produc American Silver Eagles are only minted as 1 oz silver coins at 99.9% pure silver. Silver Maple Leaf. The Royal Canadian Mint's Silver Maple Leaf is another popular coin for people who want to invest in silver. The RCM mints tens of millions of silver coins every year that are purchased by investors and collectors around the world. Silver. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1984 Engelhard One Troy Ounce .999 Fine Silver Round The American Prospector !! at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Silver Gold Bull US has the best selection of 80% and 90% silver coins available. 1 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Round. Buy Now. SAVE . 10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar. Buy Now. SAVE . 1.5 oz 2015 Canadian Polar Bear and Cub Silver Coin. Share Your Thoughts With Us. Get Product and Sales Updates. Email Address. Subscrib

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2018 1/2 oz Silver Canadian $2 Polar Bear Coin BU. C $30.77. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. 148 sold 148 sold 148 sold. Doc Bullions Argentum Capsules Up for auction is a 1 oz .999 fine silver bar. Bars and rounds will be shipped in a bubble mailer via USPS. A postage and packaging fee of $4.50 will be added 1 oz. .999 Silver Generic Rounds or Bars. Uncirculated. Toned. Mixed Variety. Special Discount Through December 8, 2020 Silver Spot Price + $2.25 per troy ounce These 1 ounce generic Silver Rounds and Bars are uncirculated, toned and of mixed variety (dealer choice). Each Silver Round and Bar is verified and marked .999 fine silver

Silver and Gold Bullion In North America, SMI produces gold and silver bullion products ranging in size from 1 gram to large 100 ounce bars. Sunshine's brand of bullion products is a recognized and convenient way to acquire precious metal content to complete any investment portfolio For the absolute lowest markups over spot, consider purchasing generic bars and rounds, meaning the items were minted by privately owned companies as opposed to government mints. If you prefer a sovereign government coin, we have also listed great deals on many of the most popular official government coins including products from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and British Royal Mint

1998 Canadian $50 Silver Maple Leaf 10th Anniv 10 oz Fine Silver Coin & Sterling Certificate Serial number: 003300 To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the pure silver maple leaf bullion coin, the Royal Canadian Mint released a Limited Issue Fifty Dollar Silver Maple Leaf coin struck in .9999 fine silver weighing ten troy ounces Silver bars are almost exclusively produced by private mints, although both the Royal Canadian Mint and the Perth Mint produce a limited selection. One of the reasons that silver bars cost less per ounce than coins or rounds is due to the lower fabrication costs of producing a bar

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Get the best deals on .999 Silver Bullion Bars & Rounds when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices Jun 9, 2016 - Pre-Order The 2016 1 Oz Canadian Silver Superman Shield Coin For Just $3.29 Over Spot! - Coin Community Foru ABC Bullion's range of 99.95%+ silver products are marked with their purity and adhere to the strictest of standards. View our full silver range and buy silver bullion online now Perpetual Assets is America's first Cryptocurrency and Precious Metals Dealer, specializing in Retirement Accounts. Our LLC IRA retirement solution offers clients complete control over their Retirement Account, and gives them the flexibility to invest across numerous asset classes with ease Bullion Exchanges - Your Trusted Precious Metals Dealer. $16,553.75: Listed: Jan-20 11:4

Generic 1 oz Silver Rounds Secondary market generic 1 oz silver rounds. Generic 1 ounce silver rounds are popular because they are affordable, easy to store and stack. Many 1 ounce silver rounds are similar in size with most of them are just under 1.6 inches diameter Canadian Gold Maple Leafs; Gold American Buffalos; South African Krugerrands; Chinese Gold Pandas; World Gold Bullion Coins; More Silver. Silver Bars & Rounds; American Silver Eagles; Canadian Silver Maple Leafs; 90%, 40%, 35% Silver Coins; Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars; Chinese Silver Pandas; World Silver Bullion Coins; IRA Approved Silver. Canadian Bullion Services offers Gold and Silver Coins, Rounds, Wafers and Bars including Silver Maple Leaf and Gold Maple Leaf coins. 416-214-4299 . 866-901-0600. Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays and unprecedented order volumes, please expect a. Do you guys buy generic silver rounds (asahi, silvertowne mint)? Report question. Confirm Removal. Are you sure you want to remove this Yes we advertise that we buy & sell silver & gold American coins and silver bullion bars and rounds stamped 999 from 1 oz to 10 oz. Stop by any time to continue this conversation about your silver bullion. Offered by King Philip Coin - Mar 30th - Mar 31st, 2020: Generic Silver Rounds Available . . . VERY Limited Supply . . . Call to Order Today. This is pure hype but the PM market prices will continue to rise in price . . . The Fed's Cure Risks Being Worse Than the Disease In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets

Buy Silver Bullion Coins, Bars, and Rounds at Provident Metals. Free Shipping & Fast Delivery. Call 800-313-3315 or visit online The rounds I received were 10 - 9999 generic buffalo rounds(all the same) with no visible mint mark. They were not all pristine, but they look relatively new and were a great deal for spot bullion. They also came in a tube with packing peanuts to avoid movement as opposed to flips

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A place to post deals you find for online silver purchases. Press J to jump to the feed. User account menu • 1oz generic rounds $25.99 at silvergoldbull.com I would like to buy 200 1oz generic silver rounds close to spot if possible,or 10 oz bars would work also. please pm offers. Thanks You can easily buy fractional silver rounds like the Walking Liberty and Incuse Indian at competitive silver prices. Fractional silver rounds come in 1/10-oz, ¼-oz, and ½-oz increments and consist of .999 fine silver. You can easily buy silver rounds through our secure online ordering system and have them in your possession in just days With silver going up, I figured I should pick up another 4 ozt. I was surprised to find that Canadian maples, sovereign silver, are selling for less than generic bars and rounds. I'm super excited to see what the next few weeks hold for silver Featuring everything from historical events and iconic Canadian animals to international sports events, there is a silver coin from the Royal Canadian Mint for every taste and interest. No. 201241. Mintage 1,999. 1 oz. Pure Silver Spherical Coin - Mars - Mintage: 1,999 (2021) From MDM! A spherical Mars coin

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Buy Silver Rounds at BGASC. Low Prices, In Stock, Fast Shipping. Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at BGASC.com. BGASC sells a wide variety of Silver Rounds from highly reputable private mints such as Sunshine Minting Inc., Golden State Mint, and more Up for sale: (3) CNT Eagle 10oz bars - $210 shipped each (17) Generic 1oz rounds - $320 shipped for all 17. Take all 47oz for $880 shipped. 10oz bars are in excellent condition. Rounds are in good condition with some milk spots and normal wear. Will ship UPS express to CONUSA only. PPFF (NO notes) or Zell The 1 oz Buffalo Silver Round from the Sunshine Mint has been struck in 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver. Each of these rounds display the popular design featured on the Buffalo Nickel and also boast Sunshine's MintMark SI™ security feature. These rounds are now available in brand new condition and will ship immediately upon payment Let us begin by differentiating amongst the three choices so we are on the same page regarding the industry's definitions of bullion bars, rounds, and coins. Bullion bars - (n) physical precious metal in a bar form, its value almost entirely derived from its melt value alone 1 oz Silver Rounds. BGASC sells a wide variety of 1 oz. Silver Rounds. Silver bullion rounds are the perfect way to buy pure physical silver. They are easily bought, sold, stacked, stored and counted. We offer mint fresh, beautifully struck .999 Fine Silver rounds hallmark stamped by the mint with their exact weight and purity

Nashville Coin Gallery buys and sells Elemetal-brand Donald Trump 1 oz .999 fine silver rounds. Great prices and customer service! Order online, or call us at (615) 764-0331. Hours by appointment only, in our clean, comfortable and convenient offices in Brentwood, Tennessee Sunshine Mint is a widely known and highly respected producer of silver bullion products such as these Eagle style silver rounds. Each round contains one full ounce of .999 fine silver, and has special security features to ensure authenticity. When the Mint Mark SI area is viewed with a special Sunshine Mint decoder, a genuine [ Buy 1 oz Silver Prospector Rounds | Provident from Provident Metals. FREE Shipping on orders over $199. Call us at 800-313-3315

Buy Silver Online in Canada - Canadian Bullion Services provides Silver Bullion for sale silver Coins, Rounds, Wafers and Bars, buy silver eagles, best place to buy silver. 416-214-4299 . 866-901-0600. Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing delays and unprecedented order volumes, please expect a. Home / Silver Coins and Bullion Items / Silver Bullion Products (Bars, Coins, Rounds, etc.) / Silver Rounds and Bars (Brand Name and Generic) / Generic Silver Rounds and Bars / 2016 1 oz .999 fine silver round — Buffalo and Indian design — SKU #6051

We are the world's #1 silver news website and a trusted online silver bullion bar, silver round, and silver coin dealer. Want more information on how to sell or buy silver ? Please reach out to our first class Customer Service Representatives by email < info@kitco.com > or by calling them at 1 877 775-4826 (US and Canada) or at 1 514 313-9999 (Worldwide) We are Utah's Most Trusted Gold and Silver Dealer. We Buy and Sell American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins, Canadian Maple Gold and Silver Coins, Gold and Silver Bars & Rounds , Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars and 90% Junk Silver-1964 and earlier Buy Silver and Gold from SilverTowne. Precious Metal Prices updated real-time. Best place to buy silver since 1949. Free Shipping on orders $99+ The beauty of hand poured silver

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Looking to buy Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds online? Silver Gold Bull Canada has the best selection of Silver Rounds from Sunshine Mint. Order online today Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1982 THE AMERICAN PROSPECTOR ENGELHARD 1 TROY OUNCE .999+ FINE SILVER ROUND at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Buy 2 oz - 5 oz Silver Rounds at BGASC. Low Prices, In Stock, Fast Shipping. Call Us (888) 992-4272 or Buy Online at BGASC.com. defaul

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